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60's Retro
Think the hit series 'Mad Men' and you'll understand where we're going with this. Mod, slick and groovy. Earth tone neutrals with hot accent colors. Clean lines and minimal embellishments.
Traditional with a Twist
If you're thinking of inviting the Queen to dine she might feel more comfortable in this style. Rich woods, refined colors and textiles, elaborate designs, but we like to add a little fun to give it that element of unpredictability.
Eclectic Cottage
Casual, inviting and almost anything goes with this style. Soft neutral colors with splashes of accent colors. Painted furnishings and fabrics with patterns. It's all about the creature comforts. 
Urban Chic
City dwellers are the most likely to opt for this style. Sleek designs with brushed metals and crisp edges signify this fashion. Colors tend to blend warms and cools and patterns are used very sparingly. Tres chic!
Funky Modern
This style has 'fun' in its name. It's new, hip, youthful and all grown-up. Bold furnishings and accent pieces and colors with an unexpected twist. Beware - this is not a style for the meek and mild!
Hollywood Glamour
Globe Trekker
For the sophisticated traveler that likes to surround themselves in exotic woods, tribal art and unusual textures this is the style for you. Your space is not limited to your walls.
This style glitters and shines with lots of sparkly surfaces, plush materials and tailored furnishings and accessories. Colors are soft, elegant and striking. Movie star!
The iStyle choices above serve as a guide for the iStyle Packages.  
If you have different style preferences please share them with us!  
Calm, serene and peaceful are the words to describe this style. Colors tend toward the soft, warm and muted earthy neutrals.  Materials are organic and at times used in their raw and natural state.
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