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Warm Neutral colors are cozy and safe but not boring. A mix of beiges, creams, browns and soft greys with an occasional accent color to keep you on your toes.
Hot colors of reds, oranges and golds. Saturated accents in greens and blues. This palette makes you feel like you're vacationing in a warm climate with lots of chili peppers and salsa. Muy caliente!
This palette is of the earth. Rich botanical greens and browns and neutral colors you'd find on a hike through the woods or a stroll through the garden. A real connection to the outdoors.
You must like color and get energy from your surroundings to work with this color palette. Hip colors are strong, bold, on the verge of unpredictable and all fun.
Do you like soft lighting, mellow music and running water? This may be the palette for you. An escape within your own space. Muted layers of colors that evoke peace and calm.
Warm Neutrals
You do nuance well. The sophisticated palette is subtle and understated. A rich blend of warms and cools and a little bit of color thrown in to keep it classy and new.
This palette is crisp and clean with a snap. We like to add a color pop just to keep the space alive, but this choice is simple, uncluttered, fresh and very modern.
Are you a princess? or know one? This is feminine all the way down to its toes. Pinks in varying degrees with a hint of green and a touch of neutrals to keep it special and unique.
This sexy color palette surrounds you with luxury and pampers you the minute you step into it. Chocolates, creamy neutrals, sumptuous aquas, greens and plush taupes - but that's not all!
You don't have to be a boy to like this scheme. This has action, play, fun and crazy good times woven into it. Primary colors with a twist and neutrals to balance. Do you have the energy to keep up?
Cool Neutrals
Oh Boy
The color choices above serve as a guide only for the iStyle Packages. Not necessarily every color within your palette choice may be used. If you have strong color preferences that are not shown please share them with us!
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