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What is iStyleinteriors.com? We are an online interior design service.

What do you offer? We offer 3 design service packages and 3 'ala carte' services (Elements).

How do you get started?  
1. Select the level of service from our Packages and/or Elements pages.
2. If purchasing the Quick Fix Package, select a preset style preference from our Defining iStyles page and a preset color palette from our Defining iStyle’s Color Palettes page. Quick Fix is a 'one size fits all' template for your room. 
3. For the other services you may be required to fill out a brief online questionnaire, submit digital pictures and dimensions for your space. 

What do you get when you purchase a Quick Fix Package? We provide you with concept boards, iShopping list and pertinent iTips (via your email).

What do you get when you purchase a Custom Fit Package? iStyle sends you scaled floor plans with the new layout, concept boards, iShopping list and iTips (via your email).

What do you get when you purchase a Platinum Package? iStyle sends you  scaled floor plans with the new layout, concept boards, a 3D  drawing of your newly designed room, iShopping list and iTips (via your email).

What is a concept board? Concept boards are a representation of all the design elements included in your room transmitted electronically to your email. All elements are coded to align with your iShopping list.

What does the floor plan include? It includes walls, doors, windows, main architectural features (ie. fireplace, radiators, built-in cabinets), pertinent electrical and mechanical devices (ie. outlets, thermostats), furniture, fixtures and locations for unique finishes or accents. Anything that takes up space in your newly designed room shall be indicated on the plan.

How do I take dimensions or photographs of my room? Upon the purchase of one of our services we will send you a detailed, step by step iGuide for taking accurate dimensions and useful photgraphs of your room.  

How does an iShopping List work? It is a detailed list with coded items to refer to the concept board. All items (unless otherwise noted) can be purchased online and will have the email address, SKU number, detailed description and current pricing to purchase at your convenience or comparison shop.

What are iTips?  iStyle is all about saving money and time.  When we have ideas and ways to save either we like to share them!

What if I am confused about something in my package?  Contact us via email with your question and we will provide clarification ASAP.

What if there isn’t an iStyle that suits my personality? iStyle appreciates that not everyone fits neatly into a preset style. That is why we provide a comment box upon purchasing your service that allows you to explain certain nuances that work or don’t work for you. We will do our best to accommodate you, and we welcome questions and comments about what we offer.

What if there isn’t an iStyle Color Palette that is right for me? Color is such a personal choice, and our color choices are based on current trends and our online interior designers' tastes. We provide a comment box upon purchasing your service that enables you to fully explain your color preferences. 

What if my space is odd or has unique features? We prefer to see odd spaces or unique features as design challenges. During the process of taking room dimensions and photographs you will be asked to describe any components that are distinctive. We will take this under consideration during our design. This is why you hire professionals!

What if I do not like my package? Please contact us via email, so that we can discuss your dissatisfaction.  Because each interior design plan is created uniquely for you, all Sales are Final and non-refundable. 

What if I find something that I think will work better than the specified item? Your design package is meant to be used as an inspirational guide, meaning all choices are flexible. 

What if something is not available from my iShopping List? iStyle reviews the shopping lists closely prior to sending them to you, but sometimes items become unavailable. Please contact us and we will investigate other options.

What if I don’t know how to read a floor plan? Please make us aware of this and we will send you our iGuide for Reading Floor Plans.

What if I have trouble with my email transmissions? Please contact us immediately via email and we will address your concerns ASAP.

What if I need to have a conversation with a live person? Email us at info@iStyleinteriors.com and leave your name, telephone number, time zone and the best time to reach you and we will call you as soon as we can.

Does iStyle make housecalls? Yes, we do make housecalls. Please email us at info@iStyleinteriors.com and leave your name, telephone number, time zone, the best time to reach you and we will call you as soon as possible.

Does iStyle work on commercial projects too? We are a full service interior design company with commercial design capablities. Refer to the bottom of our ‘Elements’ page and click on ‘More Elements’ for more information.
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